“What Heaven is to Me” by Natalie Isaacs
Released April 2010
Catalog number 884502263879
© 2010 Natalie Isaacs

CD Production Notes: [Download .doc version]

“What Heaven is to Me”, is not just another worship CD. With the exception of the song, Wayfarin’ Stranger, it is a compilation of original songs that chronicle the journey of Natalie’s life and story of healing, hope, inspiration and redemption that any one can relate to. Her lyric soprano voice has a unique clear quality to it and is simply beautiful. The affect on the listener is one of inspiration, joy, encouragement, hope and healing. The melodies are beautiful and the words thought provoking with wonderful arrangements by Emmy winner, and producer Cliff Downs.

The opening track “Oh Israel ” is a somber song. It expresses the profound love for GOD and the Jewish people. The melody captures the struggle and pain the Jewish people have suffered, yet the message is one of hope and comfort and the knowledge that GOD will never forget his chosen ones. Because of the lyric, the musical arrangement and her voice, when Natalie sings the lyric “it won’t be long, I’ll be coming back to take my people home,” the heart is filled with the promise from GOD. You just know that He is coming back.

“Barakee Nafshee,” written by Sue Samuel is an upbeat praise song with a decidedly Celtic feel to it. The verses are sung in Hebrew while the rest of the song is in English. The centerpiece of this song is the vocal arrangement. The vocals are layered and harmonies, which are sung by Messianic artist Marty Goetz, are thick and beautiful. By the time this song ends you will find yourself singing along with it.

“Walk on the Waves” begins with the sound of the ocean and manages to paint a visual imagery of not looking at one’s circumstance. It brings to mind the picture of Peter walking on the water. Its message reinforces the need for faith. This lush song is a little reminiscent of Barbara Streisand in vocal range and strength and “big” production quality.

“The Child in You”, has a fun reggae feel. Lyrically, it is targeting the hurt of the inner child that only GOD can heal. Musically, the impression of being on an island is conveyed giving the sensation of a breeze blowing across you while breathing in fresh salty air, freeing you from all the things in life that are binding you.“Remember Me” has a beautiful melody coupled with the imploring lyrics, which stir in the listener a soul search. The string arrangement and acoustic guitar sooth your spirits, making you feel as though you can come to the truth peacefully.

“Safe with Me” written by Cliff Downs and Dominque Messenger is a hauntingly engaging song. The sparse musical arrangement heightens the dramatic tension of the melody and Natalie’s beautiful, crisp vocals convey a place you want to be, safe with Him. The song is somehow familiar, like an old friend. It encapsulates a supernatural quality with its message of safety and comfort. You will find yourself wanting to listen to this song over and over again.

“Sister-Friend”, is a duet with former Sparrow artist Lisa Bevill and paints a story of the individual pain and hurt of two friends. The lyrics depict the Godly bond between women. The music is lilting and dynamic, not unlike a deep relationship.

The title track “What Heaven is to Me” is a prayer. The lyric of the prayer entreats someone deeply loved to accept the forgiveness of the Savior with the hope and joy that they will be together in eternity. Cliff Downs musical arrangement gives the minds eye a colorful visual imagery evoking the beauty of Heaven.

“You are the Lord Most High” is an upbeat contemporary, praise song and is the most pop-rock sounding track on the cd. Natalie’s crystal clear vocals are driven with tastefully distorted guitars, piano, drums and bass.

“Can You Hear Me” articulates the loss and grief of losing a loved one. This is a song in the tradition of Celine Dion type pop. The melody is one you will be humming for days after you hear it.

The CD ends with the hymn “Wayfarin’ Stranger” with a fresh new and dynamic arrangement enabling Natalie’s vocals to shine.

There is something for everyone on “What Heaven is to Me.” Each song uniquely targets the hurt and longing of the heart with the direction and focus on a Holy and loving God.